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Who Is Rowan Reid?

I have implemented new screening protocols and have shifted to being very low volume. By only accepting a few carefully curated dates per month I am better able to bring my absolute best to the table as well as significantly reduce the stress that comes with this vocation. In 2020 I will be launching a new website and new photos which are better in alignment with the new me. I am deeply moved by the outpouring of support as I make these changes and look forward to slowly revealing - ever the coquette - the new Rowan. You deserve some R&R...



Do you find yourself fantasizing about enjoying the company of a woman not just for the rumpy-pumpy but also for witty banter and interesting dialogue?

Do you often get that funny feeling in your pants and wish there was a way to find relief?

Do you yearn to engage with an educated, erudite, enchanting sweetheart?





I'm Rowan Reid, your free spirited, weirdo, occasionally awkward temporary girlfriend. Bookish and cerebral, I believe meaningful conversations about life, death, science, faith and everything in between make for a wonderful aperitif to get acquainted or as a digestif to savor during that post coital glow.


Hailing from Vancouver Island but having lived in most major Canadian cities, I definitely have a Bohemian, earthy girl-next-door vibe. Eclectic and a little eccentric, I've got a no nonsense personality that isn't for everyone. Sometimes I am even a bit too blunt but none of us are perfect! I'm a lot like paisley: hippie vibes, colorful, bold, ya either love it or ya hate it.


I'm in my late 20s and my photos are accurately represent my curvy and supple figure. I am neither a hardbody nor a BBW. If you are the kind of boy who is obsessed with numbers - or checklists - please look elsewhere. I am about facilitating an experience and frankly I don't think minutiae like my exact weight or measurements are really all that important. See me because you like the cut of my jib not because of the dimensions of the meat sack I inhabit. Personality and chemistry are what really make a date great so let's focus on that!


My sense of humor is dry sarcasm, irreverence and bad puns. So many bad puns. I also make a lot of geeky references and quotes because I'm a Millennial. That somewhat justifies it, right?





Want to have a great time? Follow this common sense super easy cheat sheet!



- first impressions matter fellas! A good introduction is thoughtful, polite and contains all the information needed to start planning our date. I don't respond to introductions which have crass or lewd content.


- deposits & screening are necessary to secure our date. I am a very low volume companion and only accept a handful of dates per month. I value time spent with exemplary gentlemen.


- hygiene. When being physically intimate, good hygiene is a must! Be thorough with the soap and mouthwash - especially if you're a smoker. We don't always notice our own body odors, especially when our noses are situated quite far away from  the usual smelly areas. It's better to overdo it with the soap than risk derailing our date right? I really hate being put in a position where I have to ask a lover to freshen up a second time and it's super awkward for both of us. The pregame ablution doesn't come out of time spent on the pitch so scrub-a-dub-dub before we bump and rub.


- remember it's a team sport. Our time together is co-created and we both have responsibility in how that time goes. I promise to be immaculately clean, well presented, punctual, polite, friendly and respectful of your body and your preferences if you promise the same courtesies in return. Boundary pushing, negotiating and other forms of disrespectful or rude behavior are not tolerated.


- cliche as it is, verbal communication is really important and since neither of us are mind readers, let's use our words as well as our bodies!


- drugs and alcohol. What you do on your time is your business but you should know I am a jealous woman and want you to be intoxicated only by me during our date. Showing up to our date inebriated is a no-go for me and I will decline your company. If you want to relax and enjoy a drink or two with me let's do a dinner date! I don't imbibe during short sessions.




Brief Encounters

$250/ half hour*

$350 / hour*

$540 / 1.5 hours*

$700 / 2 hours*

* CAF members get $50 off.


Extented Dates

$850 / 5 hour dinner date

(up to 4 hours on the town, 1.5 hours in private)

$1200 / 12-14 hours sleepover

(minimum 7 hours sleep, up to 4 hours total playtime, breakfast in bed)


Want someone to come to a yoga class with you? Try an escape room? Pub trivia partner? Maybe a fishing or hunting charter? Museum date? Romantic picnic in the park? Try out some dance lessons? Being adventurous and well rounded, I would be honored to be your partner-in-crime for whatever you wanted to check out. Let's discuss what you had in mind and I'll come up with a package tailor made just for you!


Indulge Me!

Want to spoil me a little extra? I love receiving gift cards for my favorite places! All of these can be sent easily through email.

- Sephora

- Chapters/Indigo





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I am a very low volume provider and only accept a handful of dates per month. I value quality over quantity and preference always goes to suitors looking to book longer dates.

Please provide one of the following for screening:

- LinkedIn profile


- work email (


- photo of you holding your photo ID (you may cover your address but your full name and photo must be clearly visible)


- reference from a reputable independent companion from within the past 3 or 4 months. Be sure to include their website and Twitter information and let them know I will be contacting them


Please note:

Former spa clients may bypass screening if we have met previously.

A deposit is required to secure all dates whether it's our first or fiftieth.

Fields marked with * are required.