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Introducing Rowan Reid: A New Way To Relieve Stress




Do you find yourself fantasizing about enjoying the company of a woman not just for the rumpy-pumpy but also for witty banter and interesting dialogue?

Do you often get that funny feeling in your pants and wish there was a way to find relief?

Do you yearn to engage with an educated, erudite, enchanting sweetheart?




Best Suited for Men Who:

- want more affection

- have a jovial nature and appreciate humor

- know the value of communication

are thoughtful and considerate

- understand our time together is a mutually created experience


Rowan is an interactive experience co-created moment to moment with you! No two experiences will be the same since suitors are each bringing many variables with them which will impact the atmosphere and energy between us.



Rowan may have adverse reactions to men with any of the following afflictions:

bad attitude, ego, subpar hygiene, obsession with checklists, prioritizing individual acts instead of overall experience, boundary pushing, aggression


Side Effects:

Rowan may cause side effects including, but not limited to:

euphoria, sense of relaxation/calm, laughter, elevated heart rate, sweating, possible tremors, shortness of breath


Packaging & Ingredients:

Rowan is aged 28 years for maximum potency and is packaged in a delectable 34B 25 35 supple hourglass shape, has fair skin with tattoos, red blonde filament and sparkling green optics

Rowan contains a proprietary blend of sass, sarcasm, wit, trivia, bad jokes, good jokes, smut, slapstick and irreverence. Rowan is definitely more savory than saccharine and is not suited to everyone's tastes. If you feel Rowan may not be right for you it's best to find another since this negative bias you bring may sully your time with her.



Recommended dose is 1 hour as often as needed.



$220/half hour


$550/1.5 hours



$300/half hour


$650/1.5 hours


Rx Availability:

Rowan is available at The Next Temptations spa in Edmonton

 Availability is subject to change, please follow me on Twitter for last minute updates



Sunday, 21st: 11AM - 5PM @ TNT WEST (15122 Stony Plain Rd)

Monday, July 22nd: 4:30PM - 10:30PM @ TNT WEST (15122 Stony Plain Rd)

Tuesday, July 23rd: 4:30PM - 10:30PM @ TNT WEST (15122 Stony Plain Rd)

Wednesday, July 24th: 4:30PM - 10:30PM @TNT SOUTH (8735A 50th St NW)

Thursday, July 25th: OFF

Friday, July 26th: 4:30PM - 10:30PM @ TNT WEST (15122 Stony Plain Rd)

Saturday, July 27th: 10AM - 10:30PM @ TNT SOUTH (8735A 50th St NW)


Get In Touch:


TEXT: 780-616-2004

TWITTER: @voluptatemsequi